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IVC Collapse and CVP (Reference)

50-100% collapse of IVC when patient “sniffs” suggests intra-vascular volume depletion

M-mode 2-3 cm distal to RA/IVC junction

IVF boluses until MAP > 65 and less IVC collapse

Careful with large volumes of NS as can induce non-Anion gap acidosis and Hyperchloremia

RV Strain (in setting of PE) (Reference)

Enlargement of Right Ventricle (compare to Left which is usually about twice the size of the Right in Apical 4-Chamber)

RV Dilatation - 98% Specific and 50% Sensitive for PE

McConnell’s Sign - Link 1 - Link 2

Septal bowing (evaluate in para-sternal short axis)

Look for LE DVT


Lung-sliding (use M-mode for the seashore sign) and/or comet tails (arise from difference in acoustic impedance between air and lung parenchyma) indicate no PTX

Lack of lung-sliding (stratosphere or barcode sign) and/or lack of comet tails indicate PTX

Fetal Measurements

Ocular U/S

Ultrasound Cases

Shortness of Breath

Palmar Mass

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