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How to perform an ABI or BBI (EP Monthly - 07/2011)

blood pressure cuff is inflated proximal to the site of injury and auscultation of a vessel distal to the injury is used to determine the systolic blood pressure (first audible pulse)

This number is then compared with the same measurement in the unaffected opposite limb

If the ratio of systolic pressures is >0.9, then either observation or discharge home are appropriate depending on other factors such as an associated fracture prone to compartment syndrome, as well as the patient’s other injuries and co-morbidities

If the ratio of systolic pressures is <0.9, then an arterial injury must be considered in the affected limb


Galeazzi - Radius (Radial shaft Fracture, dislocation of distal joint)

Ulna - Monteggia (Ulna Shaft Fracture, Dislocation of radial head)

Occult scaphoid fracture - 25% of patients with snuffbox tenderness and initial negative x-ray will have a fracture

sprain - stretching or tearing of a ligament or a joint capsule

Strain - stretching or tearing of a muscle or Tendon

Only absolute contraindication to attempted hip reduction is femoral neck fracture

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